O2 Apollo Manchester Hotels

O2 Apollo Manchester Hotels

O2 Apollo Manchester , Stockport Road, Ardwick Green, Manchester, M12 6AP, England

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O2 Apollo Manchester Hotels - Victoria Park Hotel

Victoria Park Hotel

4 Park Crescent, Victoria Park, Manchester (Map)
Okay, 2.95 Based on 303 reviews
0.8 miles from O2 Apollo Manchester ( 5 mins )
16 mins on foot
Accommodation near O2 Apollo Manchester - Britannia Hotel

Britannia Hotel

35 Portland Street, Manchester (Map)
Pleasant, 3.35 Based on 4778 reviews
1.4 miles from O2 Apollo Manchester ( 6 mins )
Accommodation near O2 Apollo Manchester - Pendulum Hotel

Pendulum Hotel

Weston Building, Sackville Street, Manchester (Map)
Good, 3.85 Based on 1064 reviews
1.4 miles from O2 Apollo Manchester ( 6 mins )
O2 Apollo Manchester Hotels - ibis Manchester Centre Princess Street

ibis Manchester Centre Princess Street

Charles Street, Manchester (Map)
Good, 3.95 Based on 1089 reviews
1.4 miles from O2 Apollo Manchester ( 5 mins )
- Debbie S: "All staff were very friendly; very clean; lovely breakfast; peaceful even though in a busy area."
Hotels near O2 Apollo Manchester - Velvet Hotel

Velvet Hotel

2 Canal Street, Manchester (Map)
Wonderful, 4.5 Based on 320 reviews
1.3 miles from O2 Apollo Manchester ( 6 mins )
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O2 Apollo Manchester Reviews

O2 Apollo Manchester Reviews

This venue is ranked #6 of 7 rated venues in Manchester


Overall Average Score: Pleasant | 3 out of 5

from 13 reviews

53% Recommend

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Very Good | 4 out of 5

BY: Ann M, York

We had never visited the Apollo before and the place was full (Status Quo concert). Shown to our seats efficiently and the security made us feel very welcome and safe. Good control of audience members throughout the performance.

Pros:  Great organisation; well controlled.
Cons:  Could use a designated taxi rank area - bit confusing when we were trying to leave.

Very Good | 4 out of 5

BY: Alex, Port Talbot

I thought the venue itself was great! You're all close to the action making it great for watching a performance - the view wherever you are sat is brilliant. Just need to check where you're sitting/standing when you go in, so that you go through the right doors, but people are on hand to help you to your seat/stall. Queue at the bar was massive and the beer was a luke warm Carlsberg which cost me 7.80 for two, and the venue is a little out of the way in terms of parking. Overall I thought it was very good.

Pros:  Great for intimate gig; good view wherever you are!
Cons:  Carlsberg not the best and very expensive.

Poor | 1 out of 5

BY: Chris, Leeds

Show ruined by three people on our row leaving their seats three times in the first half. In second half a female three rows behind us caused a brawl through her persistent screaming and shouting. Bars remaining open during performance doesn't help and results in a constant stream of people leaving seats. Why bother going if drinking is the priority. Will never go there again.

Pros:  Great show by Australian Pink Floyd
Cons:  What a dump

Poor | 1 out of 5

BY: amanda, Liverpool

Left to stand outstide before show-why?, drinks far too expensive, ripped off in car park, endless queus in bar area, annoying people who thought nothing of coming to their seat 20 mins into the show. followed by further trips from their seat for a smoke or something more important regardless of who they distrupted in the process....would i go back...not in a million years

Pros:  nothing at all

Very Good | 4 out of 5

BY: Roger, Manchester

Lynard Skynard - Great evening, the band really rocked the Apollo last Saturday. The fans were treated to all their favourite songs, which were belted out with great raw energy and enthusiasm. No special effects or gimmicks, just straight forward music power. The audience, obviously loyal fans, sang along to every track. The Apollo is a great place to see a major band. You can get close up to the stage, providing an intimate experience, and helps build a great rapport with the acts on stage. Excellent.

Pros:  Great atmosphere
Cons:  Sound balance

Exceptional | 5 out of 5

BY: david, near Leeds

skynyrd, just a great night, I last saw them about 6 years ago in Birmingham supporting purple, ironic then the music before the band came on stage was that other same group. last time around skynyrd stole the show!!! this time headling they did not disappoint the full house. all the traditional sounds from the years of skynyrd, just a little difficult to hear what Johnny was saying between numbers. volumn as you would expect !! loud, thanks skynyrd for coming back to the uk even with the new band members, I had the playlist in advance nothing to disappoint. a great night.

Pros:  a brilliant evening
Cons:  just a little on the sound system

Very Good | 4 out of 5

BY: Julie Marshall, Blackpool

Went to see McFly on 8/5/09 stood to the side McFLY were excellent althought getting covered in Pizza is deffo original and followed by the coke thanks guys at least i wasent front Centre they were coverd by Duggie who crowd dived Respect to Mcfly they rock. Boo one bosey security who found best way to keep crowd off gangway was to push way to hard and knock us all over i was nearly strangled and floored at one point so BOOOO to him..

Pros:  Easy to find nice size venue great stage and sound
Cons:  Heavy handed Security

Pleasant | 3 out of 5

BY: Brendan, Dublin, Ireland.

I went to see The Specials 30th anniversary reunion gig. It was my first visit to the Apollo and to Manchester. I thought the gig was brilliant. I thought the Apollo wasn't too far out of Manchester city centre. We got a taxi to it, but it was so close we just walked back to the city centre after the gig. I thought the venue was just the right size for the band I went to see. The sound was good and I like the fact that the Apollo is working example of 1930's architecture (it was opened as a cinema originally). On the negative side I found the policy of not allowing anyone out once they were inside the venue a bit restrictive. As a smoker I found this to be a bit unfair. There are no designated smoking areas either insde or around the venue, so smokers (of which there were quite a few at The Specials gig) had no where to go. This resulted in some smokers secretly lighting up in the gents loos. Not sure if this is a health and safety issue, but it would make sense to have at least one designated smoking area at one of the side doors of the venue. Most, if not all, venues in Ireland have designated smoking areas. Also, I found the queues for the gents loos too long, aswell as the waits at the bar. Generally, though, I had no problem with the Apollo and would happily visit again.

Pros:  good size, good sound, not far from city centre.
Cons:  venue gets too hot - needs air conditioning.

Exceptional | 5 out of 5

BY: Jason Brown, Leicestershire

Everyone was dancing from the start and it was a great performance.

Pros:  good atmosphere
Cons:  seven pounds forty pence for two cans of carlsberg

Pleasant | 3 out of 5

BY: alex kenyon, manchester

i like the apollo over most manchester venues because it is samll enough to get intimate with the band, rather than being obscured like at bigger venues like the MEN arena. The venue still attracts some big names so this is a double plus.

Pros:  Nice medium sized venue
Cons:  bit out of town (not good for parking , either)
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Did you know...

Licensed bar, confectionery
No air conditioning
Capacity: 2693 (seated events)
3500 (standing events)

How to get there...

Parking at O2 Apollo Manchester
There are two car parks immediately adjacent to the building both priced 4. The larger one on Apsley Grove also uses Bookers cash and carry car park as an overflow. The smaller car park on the Hyde Rd side of the building caters for our disabled patrons with a limited number of spaces used on a first come first served basis.

*** Patrons are asked to use official car parks at all times ***
Public Transportation to O2 Apollo Manchester
Nearest rail: Piccadilly
Nearest tram: Piccadilly Station
Taxis: Mini cabs and black cabs available

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